Road User Charges

Infrastructure, public health and the environment

Why Road User Charges?

The main purpose of road user charges is to charge drivers for the use of roads and infrastructure so that local governments can continue to build and maintain high quality roads, bridges and highways. 

Some charges, such as congestion taxes and charges linked to Low Emission Zones, are also used to reduce pollution in specific areas to improve air quality. The aim is to enhance public health and improve the environment. 

All road user charges handled by Epass24 are issued via ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras. All toll charges are registered automatically and invoiced afterwards.

Road user charges are not welcomed by everyone but it is important to consider that they are implemented to make life better for society as whole.


  • Congestion taxes
  • Infrastructure charges
  • Road tolls
  • Bridge tolls
  • Low emission zones
  • Vignette (road tax)
  • Ferry passages