Automatic Payment

Pay your road toll charges with Epass24

Road tolls in Sweden & Norway

In Sweden and Norway all vehicles, including foreign registered vehicles, have to pay road toll charges. The system uses ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) cameras which provide seamless and fully automated detection and registration of vehicles passing through toll stations.

Epass24 has been selected by all road toll operators in Sweden and Norway to facilitate the easy payment of these toll charges.

If your vehicle is registered in Sweden, you can pay your Norwegian tolls through your Epass24 account. If your vehicle is registered in Norway, you can pay your Swedish tolls through your Epass24 account. Owners of all other vehicles can pay their tolls automatically using an Epass24 account.

An Epass24 account will allow you to check that you are paying the correct toll charges and ensures they are paid on time. This helps you to avoid any extra late payment charges.

Multiple vehicles can be registered to an Epass24 account and toll charges for all vehicles can be viewed online.

Epass24 accounts are free and you only pay for your road toll charges.

”The Swedish Government applies a late payment fee of 500SEK to anyone that fails to pay within due date.

With my Epass24 account I always pay my congestion taxes in time. Thank you Epass!”

”I was on an amazing vacation in Norway and drove through Sweden.
On the trip I registered with Epass24 and both my Swedish and Norwegian toll charges was automatically charged to my credit.

Super smooth service with no stopping at toll stations that we are used to in Italy.” 

Road User Charges

Road user Charges are used to improve infrastructure, environment & public health.

The Toll Operators

Road user charges are implemented in most European countries are managed by national Toll Operators.