Easy payment of all road user charges

Epass24 is appointed to handle the notification and payment processing for all types of road user charges – such as road tolls, bridge tolls and congestion taxes. 

Automatic payment

All vehicles driving in Sweden and Norway need to pay road toll charges. Your road tolls will be registered automatically then an invoice will be sent to your registered address.

To make this process easier you can pay your road toll charges automatically by registering for an Epass24 account.

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Pay an invoice

Epass24 has been appointed by several road toll operators throughout Europe to notify vehicle owners about unpaid road user charges. 

The details of all road toll charges are detailed on the invoice sent to your registered address which includes any necessary payment instructions.

You can also pay here with Visa or Mastercard.


Road User Charges

Road user charges are used to improve infrastructure, public health and the environment.

Toll Operators

Road user charges have been implemented in most European countries and are managed by national toll operators.